An Agency That Truly Values the Super Nurse

Tailored Healthcare Staffing values the Super Nurse like no other. Sure, THS has the same access to thousands of top-dollar jobs all over the country, and a staff of recruiters, account managers, credentialing specialists, and travel & housing coordinators to fill those jobs and support the Super Nurse.

But what truly sets us apart is our admiration for the Super Nurse and their contributions to healthcare.

Is there anything more humanitarian than setting aside your personal life and instead traveling across the country providing care to patients most in need?

THS doesn’t think so, which is why they consider travel nurses the super heroes of healthcare – or Super Nurse, for short.

No other travel nursing agency appreciates the importance of Super Nurses more than THS, and because of this we stand by four pillars which help you make more, save more, focus more, and experience more:

Valiant Staff: Like your trusty sidekick on your mission, THS is always on duty. Your recruiter will find you maximum pay in your desired location and respond to your questions at all hours of the day. Also, our Travel & Housing team’s mission is to accommodate your specific travel needs, whether you opt for tax-free per diems or something more customized. Pets and fellow travelers are welcome too! This is all to let you make more money while doing what you love.

Platinum Shield Benefits™: Low-cost, vast network health insurance on day one (Anthem, dental, vision), 401k with company match, liability & life insurance. Also, we pay for your medicals, state licensure, CEUs, travel, and more. Less out of your pocket means you take home more of what you earn.

Faithful CNO: We want to eliminate the distractions to let you focus more on your calling. Our Chief Nursing Officer is available whenever you need him to help you over a difficult hurdle, whether it be a work-related issue or advice on where to go in your career.

Relentless Gifts: There’s no better feeling than when you receive an unexpected gift, right? This is what we’re all about! We give the best gifts all year long to let you know you’re super appreciated.

Want to see what it’s like to work with an agency who actually values you and your commitment to bettering patient outcomes?

Try THS. You take care of the patients. We’ll take care of the rest.