Best 4th of July Freedom Memes

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The best part about summer holidays is they can be celebrated virtually anywhere. Whether in a familiar place or somewhere foreign, if you’re in the United States, people are celebrating the 4th of July. And even if you don’t know anyone, as a travel nurse, you shouldn’t have a problem joining a crowd.  Because artery-clogging food and fireworks are staples of July 4th, nurses are pretty nice to have around, no?

Really though, we hope all you travel nurses out there are doing something fun this weekend, at least if you’re not busy helping to save lives. For nurses working this 4th of July – hooray for holiday pay! And for those who aren’t, go swimming, catch a fireworks show, eat a bunch of food and celebrate  ‘Murica.

Speaking of which, what better way to celebrate ‘Murica than with funny memes? Enjoy!

i can't hear you over the sound of my freedoom
How free are you tonight
image of a man and woman
an eagle shaped cloud
hey kids, wanna buy some freedom
a tag in front of a car


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