Here’s What to Expect from THS During Nurses Week

Tailored Healthcare Staffing

Today is Nurses Day, the start of Nurses Week. Tailored Healthcare Staffing (THS) takes a lot of pride in its nurses, and this year the company is going to even greater lengths to shows its appreciation. Nurses Week is a great opportunity to give back to a profession that doesn’t get near the credit it truly deserves.

Nurses deliver 90 percent of the world’s healthcare services. Yet despite our overwhelming reliance on nurses, nurses are still subject to turbulent, often chaotic working conditions. Short-staffed units exists throughout the country in the wake of a national nursing shortage, and nurse burnout is happening on a large scale because of it.

Considering the global reliance on nursing, every day should be considered Nurses Day; every week is Nurses Week. But because today marks the official beginning of the nurses week the entire country is celebrating, we thought it would be a great time to show just how much we appreciate nurses, both our own travel nurses and the full-time nurses saving lives every day.

Here’s what to expect from THS during nurse’s week:

  • Starting Monday, THS will introduce the winner of its inaugural Super Nurse Scholarship. We showed up at a local nursing school to surprise a lucky nursing student with a plus-sized $1,000 check. That video will be released on Monday
  • On Tuesday, we will begin accepting nominations on a thank you  nurses week video that will encompass all of our Nurses Week activities

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