IVs, They Do Flow, They Do Flow: A Holiday Nursing Carol from THS

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With December coming to a close, the recruitment team at Tailored Healthcare staffing would like to wish Super Nurses everywhere the happiest of holidays. We realize many RNs, both permanent staff and travelers, will be working over the holidays to ensure patients receive the care and attention they need. Please know that this incredible sacrifice does not go unnoticed!

To help brighten your festivities, the THS team recently crafted a carol just for nurses. Please sing aloud and share with an RN you know!

IVs, They Do Flow, They Do Flow
(Sing to the tune of “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”)

Oh the holiday mood is spriteful
Though the unit’s seen 12 arrivals
Busy nurses run to and fro
While IVs, they do flow, they do flow

One patient’s wound is a clottin’
A festive tree he’d been a choppin’
But the nurse quickly fixed him up so
Soon to home, he will go, he will go

When they finally end their shift
Many holiday meals they did miss
But do nurses complain? Yeah, right
Dedication they’ve shown through the night

From the recruiters at THS
Happy holidays to you and your guests
Please thank every RN you know
For the health and care they bestow

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