Last-minute Tax Tips for Travel Nurses!

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When you’re flying around the country saving lives as a Super Nurse, it’s easy to forget about taxes. And while it’s great making so much more money travel nursing, unfortunately taxes can be a headache. So here’s some last-minute tax tips for Super Nurses filing their taxes:

First, get a sidekick to help you with your taxes. A tax professional with expertise helping mobile healthcare professionals (yes, they do exist) is probably the best person to help you, since tax laws spanning multiple states can become complicated.

But whether you see a tax professional or try to fill out your forms yourself, the tips below should get you get started right on your journey!

Know the deadline.

The deadline for filing your taxes this year (2017) is Tuesday, April 18. It’s already very close to the deadline, so if you haven’t filed your taxes yet, better to do it earlier than later! Think of it as getting your refunds faster too.

Keep your contracts.

Keep copies of your contracts. This is extremely important, since many companies do not keep them for you for any period after one – two years.

Organize your receipts.

Not only is it important in case you get audited, and an important part of your arsenal when you tackle the taxes, but you can also get an idea of what you can deduct. Especially keep an eye out for:

  1. License fees
  2. Association or union dues
  3. Medical equipment purchases
  4. Uniform and upkeep (like dry cleaning or tailoring)
  5. Travel expenses not covered by your travel company
  6. Cell phone and internet services
  7. Continuing education
  8. Business supplies
  9. Journal subscriptions

Expect to pay taxes to the state you work in AND your home state.

But don’t worry, you won’t get taxed twice. Your home state will give you back credit for what you pay to the state you work in. And those are the basics. But if you’re looking for more advanced tips:

For future contracts, negotiate travel benefits for your travel assignment.

Work with us and know beforehand to know what can be reimbursed and what is taxable versus non-taxable. We’re always willing to help clarify what we can to the best of our abilities!

To get an idea of how much you’ll be taxed:

You can call the taxing authority of the state, and you can find more of their contact information here. Whew! Hopefully this helps you tackle your taxes a little easier.

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