Medical Daily: A Hospital is Only as Good as Its Nurses

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We love sharing stories from the web that emphasize how vital nurses are to global healthcare. Medical Daily’s Kristin Magaldi wrote this article a few days ago and it’s worth every second you’d spend reading it. Please read and share!

What would a hospital be without its nurses? Not only are they responsible for a patient’s medical wellbeing, they are also round-the-clock caregivers that attend to the mental and emotional health of their patients, and those patients’ family members as well. You can ask almost anyone, and they will tell you about especially attentive nurses who went above and beyond to make their hospital stay a million times better. Now, a new study shows something most patients already know: nurses are essential to the success of a hospital. Without them, patients suffer.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, knowing that nurses could make or break a hospital, sought to study what kind of effects a bigger, happier nursing staff had on the proceedings of a hospital. In order to do this, they looked to the Kaiser Permanente health care system, a health network present in eight states that integrates hospitals, insurance, and doctors’ offices into one system. Kaiser is known to be an exemplary health care organization that many other hospitals have tried to replicate, but with little success. Researchers believe this is most likely due to one key difference: its nurses.

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