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The Rise of the Super Nurse

According to an International Council of Nurses study, nurses  administer roughly 90 percent of the world’s healthcare. Yet despite this massive global dependence on nurses, many countries are experiencing a nursing shortage, and it’s taking a toll on the nursing workforce.

The reality is that conditions for nurses are less than ideal. The nursing shortage has left many facilities understaffed and that carries real consequences – nurse burnout and poor patient outcomes are both indicative of unhappy nurses and short-staffed facilities. That’s why it’s so important to acknowledge the nurses who endure sometimes turbulent conditions to deliver optimal patient care.

We call these nurses Super Nurses. A Super Nurse is a nurse who goes above and beyond for their patients, even in the face of unfavorable working conditions. These people save lives, and they need to know that they are truly appreciated and valued for doing so.

We want to know where the Super Nurses are. We want to show our own thanks and appreciation for today’s nurse. Beginning now and going until 2017, Tailored Healthcare Staffing (THS) will be accepting monthly Super Nurse nominations. Nominate a Super Nurse on our Facebook page by tagging them in the comment section of the Super Nurse post for the month, and that nurse will have a chance to win a $100 gift card.

And for nominating a Super Nurse, you can win a $20 gift card yourself. Get paid to tag a nurse on Facebook!

The Rules

To review, here’s how you can nominate a Super Nurse and get paid:

  1. Like the THS Facebook page (you need to follow us to see if you and your nurse have won!)
  2. Tag a Super Nurse in the comment section of the monthly Super Nurse thread
  3. Check in to see if you and your nurse win!

That’s it. And now that September is officially here, the polls are open. Nominate a Super Nurse in the Facebook comment section today!

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