Nurse Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan Wins the Ultimate Nurse Madness Bracket

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Arguably the favorite from the start, Nurse Maragaret Houlian from the legendary show M*A*S*H bested 63 other fictional nurses to become the greatest fictional nurse of all time. The Championship round needed more than just a day, so we left voting open for the entire weekend. Hundreds of votes poured in, supporting both Hot Lips and her opponent, the quiet two-seeded Kitty Forman from That 70’s Show.

We must congratulate both nurses on making it to the Championship. The competition they bested was serious. Kitty Forman may have endured the harder route to the Championship between the two, but you can decide by looking at the bracket:

Region 2

Region 4

Kitty Forman’s most formidable match-up was easily the top one-seeded Nurse Jackie, who many expected to win this tournament. But Forman was fearless and absolutely crushed Nurse Jackie in voting, capturing over 70 percent of the votes in the semi-finals.

Hot Lips on the other hand was tasked with dismissing the greatest male nurse perhaps  in history. Funny man Greg Focker was another favorite to win this tournament, and the difference between the two was just 10 votes.

So we thought it would be a really close match-up between Forman and Houlihan. But shockingly it wasn’t. Houlihan blew Forman out of the water and coasted to become the greatest fictional nurse of all time.

Thanks to everyone who voted along this entire tournament. We had a blast doing this and we’re happy so many of you stopped by to vote for your favorite character.

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