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Take It to the Next Level:

Kickin’ it up a notch! Travel nursing already takes the nursing profession to a whole new level; working in fast paced environments, moving every 13 weeks, and floating to different units keeps travel nurses on their toes. For those who are motivated to take it further, earn more income, and become a superstar candidate, here is what we recommend.

  • Work overtime: Who couldn’t use a little extra cash to burn? (especially with the holiday season quickly approaching!) Getting that overtime pay will give you a huge boost in your hourly take-home and allow you to truly appreciate your surroundings on assignment as you explore different restaurants and attractions.

*Tailored Healthcare Staffing Extra Hours Bonus – At THS, we give you extra incentives to work extra hours while on qualifying assignments.    Bonuses can range from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars. To see how much this Extra Hours Bonus could be for your next assignment,  please contact your recruiter.

  • Keep up with your Continuing Education Credits (CEUs): Attend conferences around the U.S. and take CEU courses while there. Many conferences will give you contact hours for attending particular sessions. A few of these conferences take place in vacation destinations such as Las Vegas, Florida, Washington DC, California, even Europe and some cruise ships! Who wouldn’t want to take a cruise while getting CEU credits?!

Here are a few resources for Nurse Conference directories





  • Work towards your BSN/MSN: Use your days off to enroll in a part-time program to achieve your Bachelors or Masters in Nursing. Online courses have made this possibility much easier because you can continue your coursework no matter where you are on assignment. You could make the beaches of California and Florida into a classroom, do some training during a break from hitting the slopes in Colorado, or rope yourself a new degree in Texas. A Bachelors or Masters in Nursing will make you a more desirable candidate for prestigious hospitals (especially magnet facilities) and can even increase your pay rate.
  • Become Certified: By taking the courses and becoming certified in all of the areas relevant to your specialty, you give your profile a boost and avoid delays on future assignments. Many hospitals require certain certifications such as AWHONN, NRP, TNCC, or PALS, and if you don’t have them, they may glaze over your profile without a second look. If you are highly specialized in a certain area, however, you become a superstar candidate and your profile can be submitted to a wider range of facilities. Specialties such as labor and delivery, ER, OR, and ICU are common travel assignments that require special certifications.

*   Nursing Certifications-THS This PDF contains a list we have compiled of common certifications required on travel assignments. It offers detailed descriptions of each certification, where you can get them, how much they cost, and which specialty they are used for.

  • Bonuses!: Take advantage of bonuses offered by your travel company. Many companies offer bonuses for things like working overtime, working holidays, referring a friend, and referring a client. For example,

*   Tailored Healthcare Staffing Referral Bonus: Flatter your friends with the compliment of a referral! If you have colleagues who share your talents, send them our way. When you show your trust in us by referring your friends and colleagues, we’ll show our thanks by providing you a $500 Referral Bonus once they complete a 13-week assignment. You don’t have to be an employee to be eligible for our Referral Bonus.

*   For a complete list of Bonuses offered by tailored Healthcare Staffing click HERE

  • Become a Super-User of Several EMR systems: In today’s modern world, it makes sense that hospitals are following the digital trend and are transferring their records to electronic systems. Because there is no standard Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system throughout all facilities, hospitals prefer to hire travel nurses who are well-versed in several EMR systems. This means less training at the beginning of the assignment and less room for charting errors. Hospitals also commonly use travel nurses while doing an EMR conversion. Travel nurses are brought in when a hospital is transferring to a new EMR system where they typically work in place of the permanent staff while those nurses are being trained on the new technology.

*   While there are many EMR systems being utilized throughout the country, several common ones include Meditech, Cerner, Epic, McKesson, and GE Centricity.

Each of these things on their own will help boost your profile, but combine them and your profile will stand out so much you will have hospitals fighting to have you work for them! If you have questions about any of this information, your travel assignment, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to give one of our recruiters a call (800.927.5918.) They are available 24/7 to help you find an assignment in your ideal location that is tailored to your strengths.            

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