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It was a big year at Tailored Healthcare Staffing. Not only has the company experienced another consecutive year of overall growth, but THS was ranked by nurses on two different travel nursing sites as a Top-10 travel nursing agency. Today, THS wants to acknowledge its nurses who made it possible. And while every nurse is truly invaluable, there are a few who stood out because of outstanding performance.

Picking winners among a pool of exceptional nursing talent was extremely difficult – notice it’s already February, but that’s indicative of how hard these choices really were.  But after what seemed like endless consideration, THS is proud to announce its End of Year awards, beginning with the Traveler of the Year:

Traveler of the Year 

sichuan1 393

Recruiter: Jordan Dial

Jordan on Jamison: “He has been on assignment with us for over a year, has never called off, works OT when asked, has been asked to extend at every location, has been asked to return to multiple locations, and, is overall a true pleasure to work with.”

Directly from Jamison: “I love seeing new places, meeting new people, and trying the local cuisine.  But for me I find it is like being on your honeymoon or in a new relationship – in which you are looking through rose-colored glasses.

I don’t truly have a favorite assignment, but certain things stick out in my memory from every place.  Some examples… Watching the fireworks on the 4th of July from the ICU break room that overlooked the Mississippi River in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  The view of the White Sands desert from the hospital in Alamogordo, NM.  The deer grazing in the hospital parking lot in Sheridan, WY.  Sonoran hot-dogs in Tuscan, AZ.  Ten-pound cinnamon rolls and the River Walk in San Antonio, TX.  The list goes on… I still have quite a few states on my bucket list – Hawaii and Alaska for example.”

Award: Glass Traveler of the Year award, custom THS jacket, $50 Amazon gift card and lunch catered for Jamison’s entire unit!

Loyalty Award 

Cindy R.

Recruiter: Blaine Odenweller

Blaine on Cindy: “Cindy has been with us for two years without any gaps. I consider Cindy and her husband to be good friends of mine, and they’re always willing to offer me wisdom and advice whenever I need it.  She’s a hard worker and a good person, and I think it shows in everything she does.”

Directly from Cindy: “I love getting to practice my vocation (it has never been just a job) in some of the most unique places in the USA. I usually stay through two contracts at each place I serve. Learning new cultures, geographic areas, and meeting new faces and friends, is so rewarding to me.”

Deb Downes - Photo

Recruiter: Blaine Odenweller

Blaine on Deb: “I can always count on Deb to do what she says she will do.  And because of that, I feel an added responsibility to have my work in order so that things run smoothly.  That’s what I like most about Deb – she makes me want to do as good a job as I possibly can, and I think we’ve developed our working relationship to the point where we both want to make each other’s lives easier.”

Directly from Deb:  “I always wanted to travel, but waited until my children were grown. My first travel assignment, I buddied with another traveler and went to CA. After a couple of assignments, I had to take a break from traveling and deal with some personal problems.  But now, when asked if I ever want to stay permanent anywhere, the response is–I’m having too much fun!  I’ve been to hospitals in New England as well as Illinois and Texas.

How many jobs can you travel and experience the country–and get paid to do it?”


Ambassador Award 

Mohammad Deen - Picture


Recruiter(s): Blaine Odenweller,

Blaine on Mohammad:  “Mohammad is an excellent representation of our company – in fact, I believe he is one of our best ambassadors, if not the best. He is always very appreciative, even for the small things like answering a text or an email promptly.  He is fun to talk to and has broadened my personal perspective.  I look forward to speaking with him whenever I can, because I admire him.  And he knows a lot of really good people and has helped me expand my network.”

Directly from Mohammad: “Traveling is the best part of working as a travel nurse. It can be challenging and keep you on your feet due to learning a new system in such a short period of time, but it's exciting. The money is also great. You make way more money as a traveler vs working as a staff nurse. At least I do now.”



Recruiter: Jordan Dial

Jordan on Dawn: “While on assignment, she consistently performs well. She has referred several PICU/NICU travel nurses that have performed just as well as Dawn. All around great nurses, professions, people. Facility loved her so much, she went permanent at one of the best children’s hospitals in the country.”

Directly from Dawn:  “The things I loved most about travel was the adventure! I got to go to new places, see new things, meet new people every few months! Every new assignment held new challenges for me to accomplish, & each place I “conquered” built my self confidence in myself & my skill set.”

Newcomer Award 

Winner: Jennifer

Recruiter:  Ashleigh Taylor

Ashleigh on Jennifer – “Jenny has been an excellent candidate to work with.  She is dependable, organized, and an extremely hard worker.  I am so proud of her accomplishments thus far.  I can only expect great things from her in the future.  I have regularly received excellent feedback on traveler reviews for Jenny and she has never missed a day of work.”

Directly from Jennifer:  “I love the idea of seeing new places and meeting new people, but my favorite part about traveling is the opportunities I get to not only learn something new, but to share what I have learned so far with others.”

Winner: Elizabeth

Recruiter: Jordan Dial

Jordan on Elizabeth: “Elizabeth has been a pleasure to work with since she started in the Fall.  She is very personable, very friendly, and eager to be the best travel nurse there is! Her willingness to do whatever is needed, and her eagerness to be one of the best nurses out there really sets Elizabeth apart.  She is constantly asking what she can do to help out others and has been a true advocate for THS.”

Directly from Elizabeth: “The travel company I was working for at the time didn’t have any assignments that seemed appealing to me. I was actually traveling home from Salem when a Tailored Healthcare Staffing recruiter, Jordan Dial, called me. He sounded so positive and upbeat about everything. His attitude made me feel hopeful about finding an assignment with THS. I worked on sending him my resume and going through the steps it takes to start work with a new travel company.

 If I am being honest, I love the pay travel nursing provides. But I also love meeting new people and making new friends.”


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