THS Ranked a Top-3 Travel Nursing Agency by Highway Hypodermics

Tailored Healthcare Staffing

Tailored Healthcare Staffing Jumps to Top-3 Travel Nursing Agencies in America

For the second year in a row, travel nurses at Highway Hypodermics have ranked Tailored Healthcare Staffing on its annual list of Top-10 travel nursing companies. Last year, THS placed ninth on this list. In 2017, THS is now No. 3.

The news comes in the wake of significant growth. In the past year alone, THS has more than doubled its recruitment staff, along with augmenting its travel and housing team and employee support specialists.

“We had to literally break down a wall and create new office space to accommodate all the new people,” says corporate recruiter Eli Garland. But despite its rapidly expanding walls, THS still stresses superior customer service at the heart of everything they do.

“The ranking reinforces our investment into providing travel nurses with an exemplary travel nursing experience,” says Matt Williams, Vice President of THS. “We’re proud to have not only made this list again, but to have placed in the Top-3 is outstanding. This is a big win for us.

The list isn’t the only news worth sharing out of THS. Before the end of 2016, THS officially became the largest travel nursing presence on Facebook, garnering now over 69 thousand likes.

“What’s special about making the Highway Hypodermics list and gaining so many followers online is that it truly reinforces our connection with nurses,” says Williams. “Nurses come first at THS, and that’s how it” always be.”

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