THS Super Nurse Drawing Winner: Karla!

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We asked on Facebook where the Super Nurses were and nurses from all over delivered. A bunch of nurses were submitted for their outstanding talents, many by other nurses themselves. It was so fun getting to read so many nurses speaking highly of their fellow RN’s. We entered all of the nominations into a drawing, and the winner of our first Super Nurse random drawing is:


Karla was submitted by her fellow nurse Heather. For winning, Karla received a THS Super Nurse t-shirt along with a $100 gift card from Amazon Prime. And for simply nominating Karla on the THS Facebook page, Heather also received an Amazon Prime gift card. You can see some of the activity in the photo captured below:

Engagement with THS Facebook page

This will not be the only Super Nurse drawing. Be sure to keep up with the THS Facebook page to ensure you’re entered for the next random Super Nurse drawing.

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