The Ultimate Nurse Madness Bracket

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The Ultimate Nurse Madness Bracket List

In three days, a selection committee is going to sit around a table behind closed doors and choose the most deserving NCAA basketball teams to compete for the National Championship. That’s exciting – who doesn’t like a good ol’ fashioned single-elimination tournament to decide who’s best? But while basketball is cool, we figured the bracket can be used to determine more important things.

Nurses have been depicted on television, on the big screen in theaters and in books for years. From the bold and courageous to the crazy and weird, these nursing characters are some of our favorites. But have you ever wondered who is the best?

Of all the different interpretations of nurses in fiction, which one was the most entertaining? Which fictional nurse really nailed the life? Such pressing questions deserve an answer. And that’s precisely what this tournament aims to solve.

Next week, 64 fictional nurses will compete in the Ultimate Nurse Madness tournament. The winner will be decided by you.

How it Works

The tournament will begin on the same day the NCAA Tournament tips off. Once that happens, you will have the opportunity to decide which fictional nurse will advance in the tournament by voting on social media.

The first two rounds have A LOT of games. We don’t want to seize your Facebook news feed, so the first two rounds will be hosted on Twitter. To vote, find @TailoredHealth on Twitter, click follow and vote on each game simply by clicking!

Sweet 16 and Beyond

Once we get to the Sweet 16, the voting will extend to Facebook, where you will have the opportunity to vote right on our THS Facebook page in the comment section. Voting will still be happening on Twitter too! The votes will be tallied from both platforms, and the nurse with most votes will advance until one is crowned the greatest fictional nurse of all time.

Know the Field of 64.

Click here to be see every nurse in the field and a link to their nursing profile. And may the best nurse win.            

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