Tailored Healthcare Staffing: What is Nurses Week?

Tailored Healthcare Staffing

 Nurses Week 2021 takes place across the country from May 6 through May 12. The annual celebration honors all hard-working nurses, with the spotlight shined on everyone from LPNs, and RNs, to nurse practitioners, and more. It’s the perfect time to thank a nurse, from a full-time RN working directly for a healthcare provider to a travel nurse assigned through Tailored Healthcare Staffing.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) has been supporting and promoting these hard-working healthcare professionals since before the turn-of-the-20th-century. The First National Nurse Week was celebrated in 1954, marking the 100th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's mission to Crimea. Today, there are state and territorial ANAs that promote nursing at regional and state levels, each conducting their own celebrations recognizing the effort and contributions that those in the profession make to the community.

How Nurse Week Can Be Celebrated

While nurses should be appreciated on any given day of any given week, this week there’s a special focus on recognizing, investing, and appreciating the nurses you know and work with, as well as the entire nursing industry.

There are many ways to celebrate Nurses Week. One of the most popular is to host a potluck or lunch in your department. You might incorporate a fun theme, hold a raffle, or even set up a scavenger hunt. You can show heartfelt appreciation in many ways from small gifts to a cup of coffee. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it’s the recognition that counts. Of course, as nurses and those who work travel nursing assignments are greatly needed in many areas throughout the country, it’s also the perfect opportunity to inspire someone else to consider embarking on this rewarding career.

Why Nurse Week 2021 is Different

With COVID-19, 2020 and 2021 has been throwing anything and everything at nurses and other healthcare professionals. While they’re deserving of support 365 days of the year, right on the frontlines of the pandemic, Nurses Week 2021 should really be one for the books. Nurses have been put to the test, more so than any time in recent history. They often work long hours and have limited access to personal protective equipment, not to mention the evolving guidance on how to care of patients who have contracted the virus.There has been a strong emotional toll, yet healthcare professionals from California to Florida have continued to power through. Nurses are the True SUPERHEROS! 

With COVID-19 patients isolated and without access to visitors, it’s the nurses who have had to step in providing the much-needed emotional support. In some cases, they’ve had the difficult task of helping families say goodbye to loved ones by videoconferencing or phone. That means nurses are in need of emotionally support too, they need to know they’re appreciated for what they do.

Why We Believe Nurses are Superheroes

It’s easy to understand why nurses are some of true superheroes in this world. If you’re one of the many travel nurses working for Tailored Healthcare Staffing, you know that you’re appreciated. THS rewards you professionally with high-paying travel assignments, platinum benefits, and all compliance expenses paid for upfront. Withus, it’s not just words, it’s the actions behind them that show we believe travel nursing professionals are superheroes. In fact, we think it’s more important than ever to recognize that.

Super hero nurse illustration running toward something