Introducing the Ultimate Nurse Madness Field of 64

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Any successful coach or manager can tell you: the key to success is scouting. If you want your bracket to win, you need to know the entire field. Some of these nursing characters are from shows dating back to the ’70s. But dismiss them at your own peril! Unlike the NCAA basketball tournament, even seeds 12-16 have a chance in this field.

So without further adieu, let’s get to the field of 64:

1 Seeds

Jackie PeytonNurse Jackie
Margaret “Hot Lips” HoulihanM*A*S*H
Annie WilkesMisery
Gaylord “Greg” FockerMeet the Parents 

2 Seeds

Carol HathawayER
Nurse RatchedOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Carla EspinosaScrubs
Kitty FormanThat ’70s Show 

3 Seeds

Dixie McCallEmergency!
Abby LockhartER
Madame PomfreyHarry Potter
Dell ParkerPrivate Practice

4 Seeds

Lady SybilDownton Abbey 
Samantha Taggart — ER 
Ann Perkins — Parks and Rec 
Christine Chapel — Star Trek: The Original Series 

5 Seeds

Rory Williams — Doctor Who 
Bobbie Spencer — General Hospital 
Olivia Harper — Grey’s Anatomy 
Evelyn Johnson — Pearl Harbor 

6 Seeds

Laverne Todd — Empty Nest
Charlotte Diesel — High Anxiety 
Elizabeth Webber — General Hospital 
Alex PriceAmerican Werewolf in London 

7 Seeds

Haleh Adams — ER 
Audrey March Hardy — General Hospital 
Brenda Previn — House 
Helen Rosenthal — St. Elsewhere 

8 Seeds

Christina Hawthorne — Hawthorne 
Peter Petrelli — Heroes 
Julia Baker — Julia 
Terri Alden — Three’s Company 

9 Seeds

Nadine Crowell — General Hospital
Epiphany Johnson — General Hospital 
Tyler Christian — Grey’s Anatomy 
Eli Lloyd — Grey’s Anatomy 

10 Seeds

Sharona Fleming — Monk
Mo-Mo De La Cruz — Nurse Jackie 
Jesus Velasquez — True Blood 
Kelly Epson — Hawthorne

11 Seeds

Catherine Barkley — A Farewell to Arms 
Nurse Dori — Childrens Hospital 
Marie Horton — Days of Our Lives 
Sheila Cantillon — General Hospital 

12 Seeds

Hello Nurse — Animaniacs 
Linda Klein — Nip/Tuck 
Tom Paris — Star Trek: Voyager 
Gloria “Ripples” Brancusi — Trapper John, M.D. 

13 Seeds

Nurse Cramer — Catch-22
Bobbie Jackson — Hawthorne 
Laverne RobertsScrubs 
Sue Barton — Sue Barton 

14 Seeds

Felicia Tilman — Desperate Housewives 
Joan Redfern — Doctor Who 
Jane Harland Dawson — General Hospital 
Paul Flowers — Scrubs 

15 Seeds

Nurse Kulap — Childrens Hospital 
Connie Oligario — ER 
Jesse Brewer — General Hospital 
Yosh Takata — ER

16 Seeds

Candy SullivanHawthorne 
Nurse DuckettCatch-22 
Linda CooperGeneral Hospital 
Ray SteinHawthorne 

Did your favorite nurse make the cut? Let us know in the comment section. Were there any notable snubs?

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