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What travel nurses say about Bobby Tyminski

Bobby Tyminski

Nurse Recruiter

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy that I am able to help a nurse find a new assignment so they are able to check off more destinations that they have wanted to visit. Also the conversations and friendships you gain along the way are tremendous as well.

Tell us about your kids:

Rylinn and Rory are my life. My kiddos mean everything to me and I try to never miss a thing that happens in their lives. I coach Rylinn’s softball team and she plays volleyball as well. Also a straight A student so you have to love that. Rory, he is a little guy with a ton of energy. I am teaching him baseball and basketball right now but he’s still not old enough yet. We will be ready for sports in 2020 with him. These 2 are my world and I light up every time I speak about them.

Tell us about your pets:

I have 4 dogs that all think that they run the show. Roxi and Rosi are Miniature Dachshunds, Blue is a Siberian Husky, and Chuck is a Lab/Beagle Mix. They definitely keep every day interesting.

What’s your favorite food?

When I think of my favorite food I have to say Mexican. I love the fajitas at a local restaurant by my house.