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What travel nurses say about Matt Bayer

Matt Bayer

Producing Recruiting Manager

Favorite food?

I eat a lot and I like all foods. I don’t discriminate. Favs are tough to call, but I enjoy spicy food (Cajun, Thai, etc). I also have a sweet tooth…I can’t help it!

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The connections and friendships made with nurses and coworkers. Also the constant problem solving and challenges that occur on a daily basis. You can let it hold you down and ruin your day, or you can adapt and overcome. Together we can get through anything!

What’s your favorite all-time hobby?

Probably playing basketball, but as I get older that is starting to fade away. I also enjoy working out and visiting my family back home while catching up over a glass of bourbon.

Travel wishlist?

Dubai, Bora Bora, New Zealand, Egypt. The list could go on forever

What song is played the most from your music collection?

I have a new song in my head every morning I wake up. I listen to everything from Fleetwood Mac to Metalica to Drake back around to Kenny Chesney. At times it’s frustrating, I can remember 5000+ song lyrics but can’t remember where I put my keys at…