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Empowering Travel Nurses to take control

With On Demand from Tailored Healthcare Staffing, it's never been easier to take control of your travel nursing experience, with or without a recruiter.

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Comprehensive set of tools

On Demand simplifies the job searching and application process, providing you with a personalized checklist for your application and real-time updates on your progress. Stay informed every step of the way!

Support on your terms

Our dedicated support team and knowledgeable recruiters are always on standby when you want help.

Take the next step in your journey as a travel nurse, on your own terms. Search, select, and secure your next assignment today.

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Unlock the Full On Demand Experience

Whether you're a new travel nurse or a seasoned pro, you need a way to land your next assignment on your terms. With On Demand you can complete your profile, search jobs, and apply in minutes, then track in real-time where you are in the application process. Best of all, your recruiter only engages when you say so.

Why Register for On Demand?

  • Facility Name - When you register for On Demand, you will access key facility details like hospital name, numbers of beds, trauma level, and more.

  • Pay - When you register or login to On Demand you can view the pay for the position.

  • Quick Apply - Apply to your ideal assignment in just one-click.

  • Complete Profile Guidance - Use your personalized checklist to complete standard application requirements for travel assignments.

  • Real-time status updates - Real-time status updates on your application

  • Transparency - Transparency with hospital details and assignment requirements, including Pay.

  • Always connected - On Demand goes wherever you go. Make progress on your travel nursing journey from the comfort of your home or out on the go.

  • Free - Register and use completely free.

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