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The Travel Nurse Academy from Tailored Healthcare Staffing cuts through the noise to answer questions you have about traveler life. This collection of quick videos tackles the most frequent inquiries our recruiters receive from RNs interested in travel nursing, but does not try to sell or lead you in any one direction. Simply put, our team wanted to create an educational hub packed with honest, helpful, and relevant information for nurses considering a career move.

We encourage you to explore the library of Travel Nurse Academy videos below to get the answers you need. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to a THS First-Time Travel Nurse Specialist for help.

What Does a Travel Nurse Do?

The Travel Nurse Academy from Tailored Healthcare Staffing is here to give you a clear answer to this common question among new travelers.

Healthcare facilities across the United States are experiencing nursing shortages. When a hospital or healthcare network has such a shortage and needs to address its staffing issue quickly, one solution is to hire a travel nurse.

A travel nurse is a temporary, contract employee that is hired at a facility far enough away from his or her permanent residence that it would be unreasonable for the nurse to commute home daily to sleep. Typically, these assignments last 13 weeks, but the length can vary depending on the facility’s needs.

Many nurses are attracted to travel nursing for the opportunity to experience different regions of the country while being well-compensated for their skills.

Learn more about life as a travel nurse with the Travel Nurse Academy from Tailored Healthcare Staffing.

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